Credentials Book Instructions and Compilation Guidelines 2016 – 17 Season


To facilitate the process of approving information for the NY District Tournament/Playdowns and USA Hockey National Tournaments, all qualifying teams will present their information in a THREE RING BINDER, organized with divider tabs (pre-printed divider tabs are available by contacting Janice Cavaretta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), referred to as the team’s credentials book. Individual document protector sheets are discouraged and should not be used. The book shall be arranged in the following order:

 1. Cover page: Includes the organization name, team, playing level, tier, season, the name of the head coach and manager’s name, cell phone and email address. 

2. A pre-printed Credentials Verification Sheet (CVS)-report Form 1 – C is available from the organization registrar located in the USAH registry tool. This sheet is left blank and is to be completed by the official designee reviewing credentials. If the team qualifies for the National Championship an additional blank CVS is to be included in the book for the USAH Registrar to complete. 

 3. TAB 1 -Roster form 1 - T: Includes the team's Main roster with all subsequent roster changes (additions or deletes). Note that all rosters MUST BE APPROVED & VALIDATED by a USAH registrar for NY. The Roster does not need to be signed by the players. Nothing should be handwritten on the rosters. A TEAM HISTORY report must be included in this section and placed after the primary roster(s). The history report is generated by the organization registrar.

Notes on the roster:

a. Verification and affirmation that a review of each player’s birth certificate and citizenship has been completed by a district or associate registrar.  The roster will be stamped accordingly. If the roster has a “V” symbol in the “DOB Verification” column, the verification of birth has been completed for the participant. NO FURTHER PROOF is required. This will also show up on the CVS.  Organizations and teams should not collect and keep birth certificates once the verification is done.

Per NY State Rules: It is required that all players 8 and under and those players on a national bound team must supply a government issued birth certificate or passport identification page for each rostered player to the USA Hockey registrar for verification and affirmation prior to (or with) roster submittal.

~~ Hospital birth records, religious Baptismal records are not acceptable forms or proof ~~

  1. If the roster has a symbol in the “V” column, the verification of birth has been completed for the participant. NO FURTHER PROOF is required. This will also show up on the CVS 
  2. The “TRANSFER” column denotes citizenship and if applicable will note “Transfer Complete” if the Transfer has been completed, or “Transfer needed” if the transfer has not been completed.  Players that are not U.S. citizens cannot participate until the transfer is complete. Check with the district registrar immediately. The Credential sheet will have a circle with a “T” in it. An open circle shows that the transfer is not complete or not approved.
  3. If registered online a Signed waiver of liability Form is not required and will show a check mark in “W” column.

 4. TAB 2 – Coaches, staff and Manager: Every coach and staff member must have the following included in the book:

  1. A current, valid coaching credential & level for each coach and the appropriate age specific module mandated by USA Hockey. This is visible on the roster and on the pre-printed CVS. If these are not updated on the roster or CSV then a copy of the coaching card and module completion certification must be included in the book.
  2. Current Consent to treat /Medical History Form 3C rev 8/12  (available from the organization registrar)
  3. Current Participant Code of conduct Form 1-P Rev 02/09 (available from the organization registrar)
  4. All coaches and staff members are required to register online; therefore a Signed waiver of liability Form is not required.

SAFESPORT: 2016 - 2017

Commencing with the 2014-15 playing season, all coaches are required to complete the SafeSport Training Program every two seasons. Coaches and other volunteers in USA Hockey programs that have regular, routine or frequent access to or supervision over youth participants, such as team managers, locker room monitors, chaperones, etc., are required to complete the SafeSport Training prior to such access and roster additiona and approval. Safesport is valid for 2 seasons (not 2 years). Those who have taken safesport 2 seasons ago need to take the refresher course this season (this is noted in the USAH registry as "expiration 2016-2017"). 

Coaches that completed the training during the 2014-15 season must recert by completing a refresher training this season. Those that took the training in 2015 - 2016  do not need to take the refresehr course. Everyone is encouraged to complete the Training program (Team Managers, Volunteers, parents). The words “SafeSport Training” will appear on the roster for each coach and manager listed. The word “Verified” will appear in the SafeSport column in the Staff area of the Official Roster and the Credentials Verification form if the coach/manager completed the SafeSport online training.  


Managers and Volunteers can register online

Team Managers and program Volunteers can register online at no charge. This registration does not allow on-ice participation but is a good way for you to be able to have Team Managers and Volunteers in your program. The confirmation number that they receive is required for the SafeSport video training which is available at no charge. After registering with USAH online as a manager they need to be added to the roster and are required to have a completed code of conduct, consent to treat and waiver of liability in the book.


5. TAB 3 - NON-USA CITIZENS (optional as info is already on the roster):

Any team with a player in the organization and/or on its roster who is a non-U.S. citizen should make immediate contact with its respective District Registrar and/or Associate Registrar to review credentials and determine the player’s eligibility.
Non-US Citizen Information

Non-U.S. citizens must meet proof of resident status eligibility and transfer from their home country ice hockey federation (if Required) as stated in USAH Rules & Regulations II: Classifications, paragraph C. In addition to a completed Transfer, non-US citizen youth and all female players must also provide proof of resident status in the US. This information should be kept with the team registration materials and should be provided prior to regular season games. 

When a non-US citizen’s transfer is complete and proof of resident status has been approved by the national office, the player’s record will be marked as ‘Transfer Complete’ in the national database. There is a column on the Player Roster and on the Credential Verification sheet that identifies non-US citizens. The roster will note "TRANSFER COMPLETED" if the transfer is Finalized.  Non-USA citizens will not be allowed to be placed on a roster or participate until their transfer status is completed and finalized. The credential verification sheet will have a ‘T’ (valid visa) or ‘S’ (student visa), showing the Transfer is Complete.

6. TAB 4 – Players Consent to Treat: Players should be organized in the book in alphabetically order according to the main roster and any supplemental rosters. Each player is required to have a current Consent to treat /Medical History Form 3C rev 2/16 

7. TAB 5 Players Code of Conduct: Players should be organized in the book in alphabetically order according to the main roster and any supplemental rosters. Each player is required to have a current Participant Code of conduct Form 1-P Rev 02/09.

8. TAB 6 - Sanctioned game scoresheets:

  1. Game scoresheets will be reviewed to verify eligibility compliance for each team and every rostered player.
  2. For scoresheets to count in meeting the 20/10 Youth/High School, 14/10 Girls/Women’s and 10/8 Midget Tier III minimum required number of games rule, that team’s player roster form 1 – T must be certified by the appropriate USAH registrar prior to that game being played. This includes all supplemental and amended rosters.
  3. Labels should be in alphabetical order.
  4. Scoresheets should be Organized in Date Order from the earliest game played to the latest
  5. Only games played against another registered team at that competitive age level from another organization can be used to satisfy the requirement
  6. Only games played on/or after the validation date on the roster will count toward credentials. All other sheets are unacceptable.
  7. It is not mandated that scoresheets are signed by the participants
  8. Players not participating should be clearly crossed off the scoresheet


Credentials books for all teams qualifying for the NY District Tournaments must be reviewed by their section representative prior to attending the state tournament. Each section will have a designee. To determine who that is in your section contact the section president.   

Credentials books for all teams that qualify for the USA Hockey National Tournament must be sent to USAH District Registrar Tom Branden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or Janice Cavaretta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately following the State Tournament for review and approval.