Time to start gathering the Birth Certificates of all your participants for the verificaiton of birth (VOB).  In NYSAHA the verification of birth MUST be done for all participants that are 8 and under and all those that are playing on teams that are State and National Bound (TB). However we encourage you to send the birth certificates in for all your participants. Many tournaments are now asking to see rosters with all players verified. Once the verification is complete there is no need to redo the verification unless there is an issue in a future season. Send the birth certificates to your USAH registrar for your section to be verified or to District Registrar Tom Branden.


Birth and Citizenship Verification. Prior to roster placement and subsequent approval, a verification and affirmation of each player's birth certificate and citizenship must be completed by a USAH District/Associate Registrar. This applies to all youth and girl's participants and women's TB participants. The club registrar will submit the necessary documents to the USAH registrar to complete the process.