The Beginning of a new hockey season is always exciting. Teams and parents have high expectations for the months of hockey ahead. This time of the season is very busy for the club registrar with gathering information, claiming participants, coaches, staff, volunteers, and managers to the USAH registry.  With the delay in the release of the USAH portal registry, this season exponentially adds to the stress of the registrar's job. Registrars are reminded that the while the season for midget teams starts on August 15th, the rest of the teams' season does not start until September 1st and there is time to get all the rosters created, submitted and approved. 

 Here are a few early season reminders:

  1. Read the NY Technical Bulletin located on the home page of the portal registry. The tech bull has useful information to assist with the registrar's job, outlines new rules and regulations for both USAH and the NY district and reviews the proper way to created rosters and team names.
  2.  A reminder that all participants must be birth and citizenship verified. a government-issued passport or birth certificate are the only accepted forms of proof. A hospital birth record is not a form of acceptable proof and will be rejected.
  3. Players coming from another district must have a release. You are to keep that release on file should it be required at another time.
  4. Team names on scoresheets can only be the registering club's name, no nickname or what the team wants to call itself. The approved roster ID must also be listed on the scoresheet. 
  5. Travel permits are required for each instance a team travels to Canada