Player and Team Registration


NY District Rule mandates: Any player from another USA Hockey Affiliate/District who wants to register and participate on a team within New York will not be permitted to register until he/she provides written documentation that he/she does not have any financial obligation, whether monetary or equipment, to any component of their previous Affiliate/District.


All Tournament-Bound (TB) teams and players (except Women’s Senior A) must be registered with USA Hockey and must be a member in good standing of an affiliate association on or before December 31 of the playing season. (Women’s Senior A teams must be registered with USA Hockey and be a member in good standing of an affiliate association by the third Monday in March).

Teams competing on natural ice have until January 20 to register. Player changes to the official team roster for youth Tier I and Tier II teams and girls’/women’s national tournament-bound teams will not be accepted after December 31.

For games to count in meeting the 20/10 (14/10 girls’/women’s) rule, that team’s official team roster registration form (1-T) must be certified by the appropriate district registrar or his/her designee prior to that game being played.



It is recommended that Youth and Girls’/Women’s registered ice hockey teams have a manager. All Youth and Girls’/Women’s national championship bound
teams are required to have a team manager. A coach who also serves as team manager would register only as a coach. Managers are covered under USA Hockey
insurance policies.

A team manager who is not registered as a coach may not participate in on-ice activities or be on the bench during games. The team manager shall be the custodian of all documents necessary for credential review prior to participation in invitational tournaments and district, regional and national championships.

See Section IX: District Playoffs and National Championships, Subsection P. for complete listing.



Tournament Eligibility and Registration

(1) Players and registered team members properly classified shall be eligible to participate in district and national tournaments. For specifics see: (a) Rules & Regulations; Section II: Classifications; Subsections Youth, Girls/Women, High School Varsity and/or Prep School (b) Rules & Regulations; Section III: Team Membership and Registration.

(2) The team shall be certified by its appropriate registrar (form 2-C, team roster registration certification) to have complied with all eligibility requirements.

(3) A verification and affirmation that a review of each player’s birth certificate has been completed by a district registrar or his/her designee. When no verification and affirmation is provided, a copy of governmentissued birth certificate, verification of birth or copy of a passport identification page for each rostered player, is required. Also, for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions, evidence of current school enrollment eligibility to participate on the team is required.


Number of Games for Eligibility – Districts and nationals

(a) Each team must have competed as a team unit in at least twenty(20) games for youth teams, at least fourteen (14) for girls’/women’s teams except Women’s Senior A and at least ten (10) games for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions, and

(b) Each player must have played in at least ten (10) games during the season or at least five (5) games for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions. Women’s Senior A players must have played in the ten (10) games prior to the third Monday in March. Women’s Senior A district all-star teams are allowed and may be composed of players having played in ten (10) games for a district team prior to the third Monday in March. This team will not be required to have played as a team prior to the nationals.

(c) For games to count in meeting the 20/10 (14/10 girls’/women’s, 10/5 high school varsity and/or prep school) rule, that team’s player roster form (1-T) must be certified by the appropriate registrar or his/her designee prior to that game being played. Teams formed and certified prior to the September 1 season start may have games played in August counted toward fulfilling the 20/10 (14/10 girls’/women’s, 10/5 high school varsity and/or prep school) requirement, with approval of the district registrar. Player changes to the official team roster for youth Tier I and Tier II teams and girls’/women’s national championship bound teams will not be accepted after December 31 (February 15 for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions). Any question regarding eligibility of game count in the girls’/women’s program are to be resolved by a committee composed of the appropriate registrar, the appropriate district Girls’/Women’s Section Representative and the Girls’/Women’s Section Director. If the issue cannot be resolved, the team may appeal to a committee composed of the Youth Council chair, the Registrar Section director and the national championship director or their designees.