In the NY District, all players on teams that are state and national bound (TB) as well as all 8 and under players MUST have their Date of Birth and Citizenship verified. 

A verification and affirmation simply means that a review of each player’s birth certificate has been completed by a district registrar or his/her designee.



Documents required for verification:

A copy of government-issued birth certificate, verification of birth or copy of a passport identification page for each rostered player, is required. Also, for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions, evidence of current school enrollment eligibility to participate on the team is required.


If the player is a non-USA citizen the player must provide their birth certificate and other approved documents showing citizenship and why they are in the country.  A transfer will need to be completed. Note that there may be funds required to process teh transfer. Contact your section registrar or Tom Branden 716.685.2171 District Registrar to discuss.