In the NY District, it is required that ALL PLAYERS of any gender on a youth, high school, girls or women's national tournament-bound team participating with a NY District-approved member program, must have birth and citizenship verified prior to participation with the approved member program and/or roster approval. Acceptable forms of proof of citizenship and birth are a government-issued birth certificate or passport identification page for each rostered player. Documents are to be submitted, by the Association registrar to the USA Hockey Associate Registrar for verification and affirmation prior to participation in their Association and/or with roster submittal. Those not in compliance will be redlined on the roster and are not eligible for participation.

Documents required for verification:

A copy of a government-issued birth certificate, verification of birth or copy of a passport identification page for each rostered player, is required. Also, for High School Varsity and/or Prep School divisions, evidence of current school enrollment eligibility to participate on the team is required.

If the player is a non-USA citizen the player must provide their birth certificate and other approved documents showing citizenship and why they are in the country.  A transfer will need to be completed. Note that there may be funds required to process the transfer. Contact your section registrar or Tom Branden 716.685.2171 District Registrar to discuss.