USA Hockey provides insurance coverage as part of their membership benefits. 

Any one that is officially registered as a player, referee or coach while participating in a sanctioned activity has coverage. The coverage also extends to volunteers of USA Hockey while acting within the scope of their direct responsibilities on behalf of USA Hockey. Sancitoned activities are competition, game or event which is sanctioned/approved by USA Hockey and includes pre-competition activities and practice sessions which are authorized, organized and supervised by the coach, or an adult designated by the coach, to supervise and coordinate such activities. Sanctioned games or exhibitions must be between USA Hockey registered teams or properly registered IIHF teams. Playing against unregistered, non-USAH teams or in non-sanctioned events is not allowed. 

Certificate of Insurance:

A certificate of insurance {COI} is a form provided by the insurance company that show evidence of teh type of coverage USAH has under its liability policy. The COI also shows the policy #, the name of the insurance company, and effective dates of the policy. In some cases rinks, municipalitieswill asked to be specifically named on the COI or may require a certain level of coverage to rent ice. As a club registrar you may be asked to provide this certificate to your teams. In NY a request will need to be made to the District Risk Manager on a NY specific request form provided to you by the USAH Registrar in your area. Contact your associate registrar or the district registrar in Ny for this request form. 

 Acomplete listing of coverages can be viewed by clicking the link below